What to do when you’re having a bad day

I’m having one of those days.  You know, not a really bad one, just one where nothing seems to be going particularly well, or right, or in your favor.  Those days where finding a cabin in the woods really far away from anyone else looks really good.  The kind of day where a pretty picture with some stupid motivational sentiment is enough to send you screaming for a double gin and tonic (extra lime).  A day that even a great photo of an amazing insect just isn’t enough to kill the funk.  So here’s some death and destruction.  Because that’s what’s doing it for me right now.  And insects rock the whole death and destruction thing.

I always say everything has a purpose when people tell me they don’t like insects.  They usually retort, “yeah, what about ants, huh?” (or mosquitoes, but that will be a different edition).  Ants are an incredibly diverse family of insects and many species are meat eaters.  This means they will go out and forage for prey or sometimes carrion.  A multitude of miniature marauders will march forth and devour a small dead animal in a minimal amount of time.  This was such a great video of the ants just swarming over the (already dead) bird.  So cool to watch them work and get every last bit in less than 24h!

My plans for world domination are going much Jumping_spider_hunting_a_grasshopper_by_Kadavoorslower than expected, but insects have already done it so I have quite a lot to compete with.  Of the “5 Animals That Could Take Over the World“, army ants are #4.  Mayflies have been present in such high numbers that they can show up on radar and close down roadways.  Jumping spiders can take down prey that is ten times their size (maybe an exaggeration, but I am on a rant here, let it go).  Bombardier beetles can shoot boiling hot noxious gasses out of their butts and they can AIM!!!! image006 When we die, the sheer number of arthropods that help decompose our rotting corpses is incredible (and the research that happens on that is so cool).

So that’s it.  Insects rule the world and chaos and destruction is all around us.  There, I feel better now; a little bit of entomological awesomeness always helps.  Don’t you know someone who would appreciate this? Share, like, tweet, and whatever to pass along this little piece of entomological awesomeness.


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