Fantastical Friday Favorites

So it’s getting late, but it’s still friday!  I am up in Chicago and I have a ton of trainings to do tomorrow (yep, on a saturday) that I am still trying to finish up.  However, I have some entomological awesomeness to share so here we go:

  1. I love field work! – Not that I mind lab work either, but I am so much happier out of an office and “doing” something.  This is just an amazing collection and I will admit my favorite is the fire fighters, second favorite the subterranean sleuth.
  2. One of my heroes – I think I can relate anything to entomology and since he relates everything to science (rightly so),  it fits right into my world view.  And he is just freaking awesome.
  3. The pretty for the day – ’nuff said.

So stoked for ESA in Minneapolis!  All the science and knowledge and people and fun.  So go forth and spread the entomological awesomeness!153894-Friday-Is-Like-A-Super-Hero


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