Bed bugs, alarm systems, and pajamas

I am at a conference right now and was at a reception last night.  I was at a table talking with a bunch of people over some appetizers and wine.  It was a great time!  One was a canine handler that trained and used dogs for bed bug detection, one had worked for Bayer for a number of years and now consulted on regulatory affairs for pesticides, and one worked for a manufacture of insect light traps.  As we are talking about infestations, technology, training, and interesting entomological situations we have been in, one person looked up and said, “Isn’t it cool that we are talking about insects and all this stuff over food and no one thinks this is in any way odd or gross?”

Yes, very cool.

I love getting together at these events and talking about the things I do and the things I like.  The exchange of ideas and knowledge is just incredible and I have Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectulariusalready learned a whole lot.  Since this is a pest management conference, there is a lot of bed bug stuff (cool video here), but there has also been a lot of cool new technology being discussed and research as well.  My favorite is some of the remote monitoring.  Using technology to see when a pest has entered a trap.  That way, you don’t waste time checking every single device you have, you can focus on the ones and the area that has issues.  Think of it like a security system for your house:  you know when a window or door or something has been opened and can respond to that one part.  You don’t have to constantly be worried about every single door and window, you have an alert system to let you know what is going 82580745_scaled_386x290on.

While there was great stuff, there was also….  not so great.  Maybe even a little ridiculous.  Take the bed bug pajamas.  Seriously?  Who is going to use this?  And why not just get rid of the bed bugs???  Ugh.


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