Fanciful Friday Favorites

The last couple weeks I have not written as much as I had planned.  Part of that was being busy and part of that was just sheer procrastination.  But now, procrastination be damned!  Tomorrow….  or maybe the next day.

  1. What was that? – I have a bunch of talks coming up at various conferences and trainings and as I am trying to pull them all together (again procrastinating by surfing the web) I come across this.  I am so using it in my next presentation.  Plus many more science related funnies.
  2. Toxic caterpillars – We all “know” that the ones who eat the toxic plants are more toxic, right?  Interesting….
  3. Not a bad article – One of my biggest pet peeves is the brown recluse.  Don’t even get me started. (“My cousin’s boyfriend’s stepdad was bitten by one and ten years latter he died!”  “I gained 300 lbs because of a brown recluse bite!”)  I was pretty happy with this article, though disappointed that the entomologist called them poisonous (ugh, another pet peeve).

I swear I will work on some stuff this weekend and be super productive and get a bunch of work hey is that a insect video on youtube?  Well, maybe next week I will oh pretty spider pictures!  Oh well, share the entomological awesomeness!procrastination


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