Fatigued Friday Favorites

It’s been a long couple weeks so I am trying to get this kicked out before I have to hit the road and get back to work.  I have tried to keep up with all the cool stuff out there, and I do have a couple good ones this week.  And I only have about 20 minutes of battery left….

  1. They are making beer out of what? – I am not much of a beer drinker, but this looks cool to me!
  2. Zombies – It’s October, Halloween is right around the corner….
  3. Evil hornets – I think I have posted this one before, but it’s just too funny!

And… battery almost dead, so share the entomological awesomeness and I’m outta here!

How Insects Get Their Names: Bluebottle Fly/Robber Fly/Lady Bug/Dung Beetle/Spittlebugs/Stink Bug/Click Beetle.


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