The sweet sound of friday favorites.

The ding of the mailbox alert, the chime of the incoming mail, the sound of your coworkers laughing to yet another cat video.  You’ve waited for it all week and here it is!

  1. The forgotten benefits of drawing – I suck at drawing.  But it doesn’t stop me from doodling, badly sketching, and it turns out that’s a good thing. Metal-Steampunk-Insect-Bugs-3
  2. Arthrobots – don’t know what else to say except I want one of each!
  3. Leaf rolling, velcro forming, fantastic-ness – who needs cat videos when you have beetle videos.
  4. Clumsy click beetle – I was researching click beetles earlier this week (thought I would do a post and it just never came together) and found this.  Plus he’s got a whole charming series of other insects.

So enjoy the entomological awesomeness this friday, pass it along, share it, and have a great weekend.


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