confessions of an entomologist

How Friday Favorites are Bringing Sexy Back

The sexy smell of Friday is back.  Or maybe that’s just the leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge too long.  There has been a plethora of entomological awesomeness this week and I have saved the very best for this weeks Friday Favorites.

  1. Virgin birth, exciting sperm, nuptial gifts – that’s right folks, as Marlene Zuk says, “Sex in insects is more interesting than sex in people”.  How can you pass up the chance to watch her TED talk now???
  2. The dulcet tones of a tender love song – nothing beats a little
    mood music right?
  3. Gliding to a little love – or maybe away from it, but for whatever reason, these spiders have some pretty amazing aerial antics.

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