Favoritely Friday

Ah the almost start of the weekend.  I can smell it.  Smells kinda like a nice glass of wine right now.  Ah….  🙂  Until then, here are my favorites from the week:

  1. Slow it down – all the components of greatness: slow mo, transformation, and insects.
  2. Ants doing their thing – but doing it how?  New research shows how crazy ants work together to move large objects.  Social insects are so very neat.
  3. Eye-like it – just bought this.  Can’t wait to use it EVERYWHERE!!!
  4. I really want to go to Ecuador:
Julia butterflies drink turtle tears in the Amazon. | Credit: amalavida.tv

Looking forward to some cooler evenings this weekend so I can sit out and listen to the cicadas and crickets, watch the fireflies, and just enjoy.  Don’t forget to help others enjoy the entomological awesomeness; wouldn’t you “like” to “share” this with others?


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