Friday Friday FRIDAY!!! (it’s my favorite)

Looking forward to this weekend, I am headed up to Iowa for some entomological fun!  In the meantime, some favorites from this week:

  1. Ooohhhh… pretty…. – not 100% insect related, but really happy that some of the winners were very cool insects.Reclinervellus-nielseni-larva-1024x768
  2. Parasites and prey and mind control, oh my! – the evolution of parasites and hosts and the adaptations they have acquired to do what they do is just mind blowing.  And mind altering in this case!  Make sure you check out the short video too.
  3. The life of blister beetles – what’s a Friday without a cool YouTube video?  This is an old one, but so crazy good!

So that’s all for now, share and like the entomological awesomeness with everyone you know!


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