BBC, shooting stars, mayflies, rhubarb pie

I couldn’t sleep and I was up at an astonishingly early hour this morning.  So I gave up and headed towards the office.  Being so early, BBC World Service was on (I am a bit of an NPR junkie).  One of their taglines was “for an increasingly connected world.”  It made me think about connections in general.  The technological connections are amazing.  Entomologists from around the world can connect and collaborate.  Entomological information can be spread along the continuum from researchers to to school kids.  Crowdfunding supports insect research and citizen scientist help collect data from all over.  Driving in, I watched as the insects getting picked up by my high beams looked like shooting stars whizzing by and I recalled an article one of my friends sent me last week about mayflies.  The headline reads “Swarm of Bugs Shuts Down Iowa Bridge“.  A little bit alarmist and needless to say they aren’t bugs; mayflies are in the order Ephermeroptera, not Hemiptera.  But we can get news like this now and the preponderance of entomological information on the net is kinda astounding when you think of it.  We now have access to so much information when it comes to entomology, much of it sound and reliable.  Admittedly, some of it alarmist, Mosaicinaccurate, and generally not so great.  But this connectivity means we can relate entomology to so many other things like Garrison Keillor relating everything to rhubarb pie.  Spiders and space, scorpions and medicine, beetles and art, the list is endless.  This year’s national ESA meeting is connected to the soil sciences and next year in conjunction with the International Congress of Entomology.

Part of my goal with this site is to connect people to the wonderful world of entomology.  So connect with your friends by sharing this, get them sucked in to this entomological awesomeness!

I am going to go connect with another cup of tea and a piece of rhubarb pie.  Caffeine is my friend….


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