Friday Favorites are Fabulicious

It has been a long week.  I had to work over the holiday weekend so it feels like I have been working two weeks straight.  Oh, wait, I have!  I feel like I have been running behind most of this week (oh, wait, I have!) and I am surprised I managed to get yesterday’s post up.  I was thinking yesterday morning that this Friday Favorites was going to be a tough one, I really didn’t have much I thought worthy of being shared.  But either a whole bunch of great stuff got posted yesterday, or I just finally managed to catch up on the week!

  1. Moths are awesome – I grew up with luna moths and I have always thought that they were just gorgeous.  I have a fondness for hawk moths too.
  2. Ooohhh…  pretty! – Honey bees are great, but there are so many other species of bees, so check them out.
  3. The soil is ALIVE! – There are so many cool species of insects that live in the soil.  The national ESA meeting is being held jointly this year with the American Society of Agronomy, the Soil Science of America, and the Crop Science Societies of America.  A band called the Walking Sticks has developed a song to teach about soil and all the cool stuff (insects!) that live in it.  They want to animate it so jump on over and donate a couple bucks to help them out.

And now I have that song stuck in my head and will be singing “the soil is alive, the soil is alive” all day.  So will you, ha ha ha!  You might as well infect some other people so share and like this post!  And if you have a favorite entomological diddy, comment below.



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