Flabbergasting Friday Favorites

It’s Friday.  Finally.  Fabulously.

Millipede rap – yep, you saw that right.  A rap…  about millipedes.  Science w Tom is my YouTube fave of the week.  Hell, I was laughing so hard in my office this could be my favorite of the YEAR!  Plus anything that has me laughing out loud so the rest of my office can look at me funny is worth it to me.  At least they are looking at me funny for a reason I can figure out….this time.

Smaug the dragon lives!!! – in insect form at least.

Fatal Farts Immobilize Prey – “This is how you wield a Death Fart.”  “Toxic toot.” “Spectacular sphincter”.

millipedeGot your own Friday fave to share?  Comment below.  And share with your coworkers so they can laugh out loud and have someone else look at them funny.  It will make you feel better, I promise.


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