Favorites, follow-ups, and Fridays

I want to follow up to yesterday’s post and add a bit more.  One of the great things about entomology (and for the most part, science in general) is that it can span so many fields.  It shows how arthropods can be art (and beautiful!) and a teaching tool.  I saw a couple entities post the link on facebook and so many of the comments were “that’s not a spider!”  And that is so cool that people 1.  know that, and 2.  want to pass the knowledge on!  Science can be art and math and writing and humor and so much more.  So in honor of that, my Friday favorites are all related to entomology, but maybe a bit indirectly.

The Oatmeal:  Almost every one of these I wind up laughing out loud in my office and people walk by a look at me strange.  Well….  stranger than they usually do!  One of my favorites is this one on giant hornets.

Jewlery made by caddisflies:  using the natural tendency of caddisflies to build their cases out of available material, they are provided with specific colors and materials.  This results in beautiful items that they then string as pendants, earrings, and other pieces.

Beetle pancakes:  It’s Friday so you know you need to kill some time and what better way than YouTube?  So, beetles + cooking + art = awesomeness!

So if you can’t cut out early, and you just don’t want to work on anything serious (come on, who wants to start that big project right before the weekend?) click on the links above.  Laugh a little, buy some cool art for that special someone, and learn a new skill for the weekend.  And share this with your co-workers.  No sense being unproductive all by yourself!



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