The simplest ways to make the best of spiders (on rooftops)

How cool is this?!  This artist is painting giant harvestmen (aka daddy long legs) on the roof of buildings.  and the perspective from the air is incredible!  They manage to get the shadows perfect and the detail beautifully.  I believe this is in WA since you can see the space needle in the background of one of the pictures.spider-rooftop_940

Harvestmen are neat arthropods and the rumors still go around that they are the “deadliest spider in the world” and a few versions of “but they can’t bite because their fangs are too small”.  Few things wrong with that.  First, they are not spiders.  They are in a different order (Opiliones) than spiders and differ by having a single body segment instead of two.  Wikipedia has a really well done page on these.   Second point of contention is that none of the known species have venom glands.  But most species do have a pair of scent glands that secrete a bad smelling fluid when they get disturbed.  Cool, they use chemical warfare!  Comment below if you have heard any fun urban myths on these or other arthropods, share your story!


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