How to build an empire with introductions

According to wordpress, on day 2 of a new blog you should introduce yourself.  Thought we did that yesterday, but repetition breeds retention right?  So, I’m an entomologist.  I think most things insect related are amazing!  It is an incredibly diverse world and in one way or another, impacts us all.  I hope to amaze, educate, and inspire everyone to appreciate the fascinating world of entomology.  Oh, and one day I will also rule the world.  In the meantime, Friday is all about pre-weekend plans, trying to get out of work early without the boss noticing, and just fun stuff.  So here starts “Friday Favorites”.  Being the first one, I have picked out three of my go-to favorites:

  1. IFLS – I fucking love science.  The name sums it up perfectly so what more can I say about this?
  2. Entomology Today – Run by the Entomological Society of America, this site features new research, new discoveries, and insects in the news.
  3. Alex Wild – Phenomenal pictures.  Amazing.  Mind-blowingly detailed.  Awesome.

So what are you waiting for?  Click on a link, share this post with your friends, try to sneak out of work early!  Happy Friday!


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