Don’t hold back your entomology

Me:  Hi everyone

Group:  Hey! Hi! How’s it going?

Me:  This is my first time here so I guess the way to start is… well… I’m an entomologist.

Group:  Way to go!  Good share!  Got to admit you have a problem before you deal with it!  Good on ya!


So welcome to Confessions of and Entomologist.  It took a long time to hash out the idea for this blog and for a long time I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to really do it.  Who would read it?  Why would they want to?  What do I really have to say?  Turns out:  hopefully everyone, because it’s awesome, and a hell of a lot.

So like any good scientist I have done my research.  Google “How to write a blog” and you get 683,000,000 results.  Wow.  Okay.  How about “how to write a great blog”?  Alright, now we are down to just 1,980,000,000 resu….  wait a minute here.  Isn’t that more than…  ugh.

But I did learn a lot in my research.  First, there needs to be compelling and engaging content.  There is so much amazing entomology “stuff” and science “stuff” in general.  I know the engaging content is going to be easy (google “entomology” = 12,000,000 results!).  I think entomology is awesome.  I have confidence I can infect that passion into others who may not (yet) think the same and also continue to inspire those already interested in the subject.  So content, check.


  • Catchy titles
  • Lists
  • In text links
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Call to action

Think I got the title thing down, but as more and more gets posted I hope to keep that going.  Lists – see above.  In text links – yep.  Please share, tweet, pin, post, send by carrier pigeon!

So that pretty much covers it.  Oh, wait.  The call to action.  Make this recipe!  Build this project!  Contact your representative!!!  Or you could share this site and these posts with your friends, colleagues, and family.  And please comment.  Share your thoughts, views, and perspectives.  We may not agree on everything, but that’s what makes life interesting.


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